Cosmos Engineering intends all members of the Company to be mindful of the environment and safety during their everyday activities. All employees have responsibilities for policy implementation and can all participate and contribute to its success through their actions and suggestions. Increasing the awareness and knowledge of all employees shall strengthen this environmental and safety culture.

The Company is committed to maintaining compliance with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, Approved Codes of Practice and other requirements, which relate to the Company.

The Company is committed, within commercially acceptable constraints, to continually improve environmental performance and prevent pollution, minimizing waste with emphasis on source reduction and recycling.

Objectives shall be set, monitored and where necessary modified through Management Review. These objectives may include specific targets for measurable elements of the Company’s activities, or be project based with specific target dates.

The Company will promote its objectives internally or externally, where appropriate, and will respond positively to enquiries and suggestions from both inside and outside the Company.

Muhammad Asim
Director Plant & Technical